Final Fantasy XIV: Defenders of Eorzea Update Launches Today

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn received solid remarks of admiration from other game communities as one of the fastest growing game communities since World of Warcraft. The game was one of the most successful reboots of Square Enix?s Final Fantasy series. ?In addition to their success, they have now released a major update for the game, the ?Defenders of Eorzea? patch.

What should we expect from the new update?

Many players are excited about the Chocobo Raising feature. However, the new update includes more features. Square Enix? 2.3 update ?Defenders of Eorzea? features new content. There will be new dungeons, quest lines, bosses, and a new game mode.

?The world is thrown into chaos, who will rise to defend those too weak to defend themselves??

That is the main scenario for the ?Defenders of Eorzea? as something is about to unbridle the fury of the sea and powerful beings emerge from the desert, vendant woods, and the snowy peaks.

Check out the list of the features that will be added with the 2.3 update,?Defenders of Eorzea?:

  • – Primal Battle Hard/Extreme Mode: Ramuh
  • – New Dungeons: Hullbreaker Isle, Stone Vigil (Hard Mode), Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard Mode)
  • – New Crafting Skill: Desynthesis
  • – The Hunt
  • – Frontline: Three-faction PvP
  • – Continuation of the Crystal Tower
  • – New Main Story and Side Quests
  • – Chocobo Raising
  • – Housing (Private Chambers)

Most of the features are full of funny scenes and awesome landscapes. Bosses are even excessively challenging, as it requires total team coordination.

You can also watch this video for further explanation about the said improvements.

Their gaming community already reached 2 million and they are still growing.? Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has almost the same growth rate when World of Warcraft did back when it launched. Some of the players were amazed that MMORPG?s like this one, does not lose half of the total players on the first month of their subscription. Although some of the players are in discontent with the drop rate during quests, the game is supposed to be quite challenging.




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