Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

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If you have played and loved Final Fantasy 12 for the PS2, then you’ll get an extra fix on its sequel. Filled with the same characters and environment from the PS2 version, there’s a few added twists and the summons are actually useful this time around.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings takes place one year or so after the PS2 installment, with Vaan and the gang “grown up”. If you remember Penelo, Kyte and some of the other kids from the down town Rabanastre, they will join in on this crazy adventure. Mind you, this game is more “light hearted” than its old brother. You control 99% of everything with the stylus, it is a nice touch, but it can be a hassle at times when you are trying to position your armies during a battle. The art style of the character portraits is more cartoony, but fits well with the theme of the game.
Now for the graphics! It still amazes me that the DS can handle such wonderful graphics with such a small screen and size of the games. For example, the intro has a beautiful CG of the Ivalice and the environment around it, then following with Vaan and Penelo in his new Airship. Also, I noticed that in certain parts of the game where it goes CG the top screen works as a zoom of what is happening in the back ground or fore ground and same goes for the bottom screen. A very nice touch, indeed. The environment during gameplay matches the same style of the PS2 FFXII, but of course the textures had to be lowered due to file size of the game. Still, it’s not a big deal for any gamer that uses the DS. Which brings me to my next point…
Gameplay! I’d say that just about anyone can play this game. Well, I should correct that by saying a newcomer to the FF series or RPGs can pick this up and have tons of fun. This also appiles to the FF fans. As I said before, just use the stylus and it’s a walk in the park. Though you will have to use that lump of gooey material in your head called the brain, to win most battles later on. There are materials that lay about on the ground that you can “mine” for synthesis too. Oh yeah, can’t forget about those treasure chests =)
The controls for battle is VERY simple, but can be frustrating when trying to send mass units to various locations on the map as the enemy advances randomly. Plus, sometimes you might accidently select the wrong unit and send them straight to the boss for a nice butt kicking. Just be careful of not having your units too close together and you should be fine.
The music and sounds are the same from the PS2, though the bit rate has been adjusted for the DS. Again, not a big deal. The sounds of swords clashing and magic being fired does add a nice touch too.
All in all, this is a great game to have and if you know Japanese, then the better!

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