Final Fantasy XI Feast of Swords

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Final Fantasy XI owners want a new sword? Want to go on a quest after a group of bandits? Well the annual feast of swords is here and that’s exactly what they plan to give you. With more details here’s the full release.

It may be Golden Week in Japan this week, but the FINAL FANTASY XI team
has cooked up a celebration that all of us can take part in - the annual
Feast of Swords!

With a band of brigands infiltrating Vana'diel, in an attempt to snatch
the legendary Genji Armor from the hands of the rightful owner - the
citizens of Vana'diel are charged to take shinai in hand and vanquish!

By visiting with one of the event moogles, stationed in various
location, you will receive an ibushi shinai - after receiving this
ceremonial weapon, the moogle will imbibe it with its special magic.

You'll then be equipped to seek out the armor-stealing brigands... word
has it that there is a considerable reward at stake.

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