‘Final Fantasy VII G-Bike’: Things That You Need To Know About It

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Final Fantasy VII G-Bike - E3 (Image Credit to SQEXMembersNA YouTube)
Final Fantasy VII G-Bike – E3 (Image Credit to SQEXMembersNA YouTube)

Back in June, Square-Enix released a mobile game called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, a mini game from the original Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation in the part where Cloud escapes Shinra building. The most common reaction to this was ?What??

Still, this trailer was cool and you couldn?t help but get curious about it. Of course, the graphics are extremely enhanced, but the main concept of the game looks not surprisingly different from the 17-year-old counterpart. Why would you get this except from being a fan of the game and the modern graphics that it sports?

You might want to check it out because in the previous E3 in Los Angeles, Ichiro Hazama, producer of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, who was also behind Theathrythm Final Fantasy, explained how this new Final Fantasy VII spinoff would be like.

?It isn’t like a straight resurrection of that actual mini-game. It would be very difficult to have that as an independent game on a mobile platform. But it does have the roots in the G-Bike. We took that as a launch pad, and it expands on that.?

Indeed, it is more than just a port of the mini-game from the original game with not much surface. In fact, the producers of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike intends on bringing the standalone feel in the game. No, not just a mini-game, but a great looking and great playing game on its own. The high-octane feel of the chase from the original is carried over, but with a bunch of nice additions like varieties of weapons, different bikes, monsters, limits, or maybe even materials.

Hazama also brought people some peace of mind by stating that Final Fantasy VII G-Bike won?t be sharing the same potential controversy that Final Fantasy All The Bravest had with the notorious microtransactions that almost ruined the game. He said that it is free-to-play, but they won?t implement so much IAPs that you?re forced to pay just to progress in the game.

The only thing that might bother some, is the lack of some real story. Hazama stated that their main focus on this game was the thrill of the chase. It would be extremely hard to pull off, even for them, if they try to incorporate a heavy emphasis on story. (You know how Square-Enix delivers in this department).

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