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Final Fantasy VII Android Launching: With Pokemon GO Hype, You Probably Missed This Game?

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Final Fantasy 7 Android
Final Fantasy VII

While the mobile gaming world is obsessed with the Pokemon GO, another much awaited game, the Final Fantasy VII, made it to the Google PlayStore. The port of the classic role-playing game from Square Enix was released to the iOS platform last August and finally after much clamouring by Android fans, the game has made it to Google?s platform.

The Final Fantasy VII for Android features the same story and gameplay much like the original game that was released in 1997. As with the iOS port, the new game has been modified to work better with the touch controls of today?s smartphones with an onscreen controller.

As Tech Times describes, one of the features give gamers the option to turn off random encounters, which could be useful in dire situations but could also be geared to those who would want to relive Final Fantasy VII?s story.

Another significant feature is the new Max Stat cheat command to instantly boost your characters? stats, that will allow gamers to breeze through the game. However, once the cheat is turned on, there is no way to revert to the original stats of the characters.

Though Final Fantasy VII supposedly works on all Android devices, developers Square Enix provided a list of compatible smartphones here. Other devices will also work but there are a couple of bugs that have not been solved, according to developers.

The first bug prevents modes of transportation such as the buggy, the submarine and the airship from moving upon the player getting on or getting off them. The bug depends on the timing of the action and the terrain wherein the action was made, but unfortunately Square Enix says the only solution is to restart the game. So frequent saving is recommended, but saving once the bug has happened should not be done.

A second bug is the fact that no automatic save will be made when the player decides to escape from a battle on the world map, even if the Auto Save feature is activated.

Final Fantasy VII for Android can now be downloaded for the price of $15.99 (?12.99 in the UK) on the Google PlayStore. It will require 4GB of free space to initiate the download, and will take up 2GB of space after installation. That is a lot of space, so gamers might have to delete or transfer files before starting the process.

Final Fantasy VII is also getting a non-mobile re-release with Square Enix announcing a remake exclusively for PS4 last year. Also, the fans of the series awaiting a new entry in the franchise have Final Fantasy XV to look forward to, which is scheduled to be released on the PS4 and the Xbox One on September 30.

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