Final Fantasy Update: 7GB Day One Patch Confirmed As Game Gets Released Early?

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Final Fantasy update

Recently, gamers?found that the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 as some retailers?in Peru and other parts of South America broke the street date of the game. Apparently, the Final Fantasy update for Day One is apparently 7GB large. Here?s what we know so far.

Earlier than Expected

According to LordKelsen?s Twitter account, he got an early copy of Final Fantasy 15 and showed off its contents online. Currently, the Final Fantasy update is 7 GB big. Potentially, this could be the Day 1 patch that director Hajime Tabata allotted for the game?s delay to November 29. On his Facebook post, LordKelsen unboxed the Final Fantasy 15 Deluxe Edition, so you can see there what the Steelbook contains.

Leaks Incoming?

Since it was confirmed that a region received the game early, players may start to see early game spoilers. Players who don?t want to get spoiled may want to be careful when reading stuff on the internet. Players still have a full week and a half to avoid any spoilers from the players who?ll start discussing their findings on Final Fantasy communities on forums, message boards and even social media pages.

Xbox One Preload

Meanwhile, Xbox One players can now preload Final Fantasy 15. The file size is 50 GB, as seen on Robeyonekenobi?s Twitter account. Tabata and Square Enix?s consideration for players who aren?t always connected to the internet might be considered this time. Players with extremely slow download speeds can only download 7 GB in almost half a day. Allowing at least two weeks for players to preload this large Final Fantasy update is definitely handy for its fans.

Final Fantasy 15 will be released this coming November 29. Fans who really want to get the game as early as possible could try to find trusted friends and contacts to get it from South America. Potentially, the delivery waiting time could either be fast enough before the 29th hits or it could just arrive at the same time as the release date. Stay updated with more Final Fantasy news here on TheBitBag.

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