Final Fantasy Record Keeper Coming To Android and iOS, Will Feature Characters From Previous Releases

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper brings back memories from previous games

Both Square Enix and DeNA have announced the upcoming Final Fantasy Record Keeper mobile game for Android and iOS. This is a new title to the popular and long-running fantasy game franchise and will feature characters and worlds coming from past releases.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper will narrate the story of Apprentice, ?a boy sent into different worlds of memories. These worlds are in fact previous Final Fantasy games sealed away within wall paintings. Players begin by controlling Apprentice and use Dr. Mog’s magical abilities to enter the paintings and relive awesome Final Fantasy battles. ?Aside from that, players can also unlock characters from those previous versions and add them to their team to take on opponents.

We know that each of the past Final Fantasy titles has its own world. In this Final Fantasy Record Keeper game, players can unlock characters from a particular world by clearing that world?s dungeons first. After acquiring different characters, they can mix and match them into one party. In other words, they can bring Final Fantasy 7?s Cloud, Final Fantasy 3?s Luneth, and Final Fantasy 9?s Zidane Tribal to work together in clearing difficult dungeons. Options for collecting and equipping new abilities and weapons are also available.

It appears that this upcoming mobile game is the realization of every Final Fantasy fan?s dream. Let’s just hope that it will not have same fate that Final Fantasy All The Bravest had suffered when it was launched to iOS devices early last year. But based from the details we’ve known so far, Final Fantasy Record Keeper appears to offer a more compelling narrative and gameplay than All The Bravest.

At present, anticipating fans can already pre-register for Final Fantasy Record Keeper. By doing so, they will receive a gift consisting of five Mythrils when the game is finally released. However, it seems that the game is only coming to Japan initially; no word was given out whether a worldwide release is planned. Though no exact release date is disclosed, what we know for certain is that Final Fantasy Record Keeper will come to Android and iOS at launch.


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