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Final Fantasy IX: Memorable Game from PS1

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The good ol? PlayStation days…..where the story of the game is the main highlight. We all have our own preference when it comes to the Final Fantasy series, but for me, nothing beats Final Fantasy IX. This game brought tears to my eyes, and not just me though, but also to other fans out there of the game.

Let?s stop for a moment and take time to remember our carefree childhood and teenage days. Final Fantasy IX was developed and published by Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix) and it was released on the year 2000.

Remember Zidane? A thief who fell in love with the princess of a mighty and glorious kingdom of Alexandria. What about Garnet (who later on changed her name to Dagger, which is one of the most epic cut scenes in the game)? The heir to the throne of Alexandria who fled the castle when she noticed a change in her mother?s, Queen Brahne?s personality. Or what about Steiner? The overprotective knight who will do whatever it takes to protect Garnet.

Final Fantasy IX is an RPG made for PlayStation 1 and PSX. A classic game that uses ATB (or Active Time Battle) that could be found in most of the Roleplaying Games during those times. Here is a screenshot of the battle system from FFIX.

FF9 battle pic


While the game does not have that many puzzles (or doesn?t really have one), it is still a wonderful and memorable game to play. Each character has their own story to tell:

  • Vivi – a blackmage who later on in the game had an Identity crisis just like every teenager in real life
  • Freya – an anthromorphic rat, a noble warrior who left her home Burmecia to search for his love Sir Fratley.
  • Quina ? a genderless Qu who uses Blue Magic spells that can be acquired when eating an enemy.
  • Eiko ? one of the remaining two survivors of the summoner tribe of Madain Sari. The other one was Garnet.
  • Amarant ? a warrior who lives by the code ?only the strong survives?. He was framed by one of the mansion owners in Trueno for stealing which led to him being a wanted man with a high bounty on his head.


Who could forget the heartwarming song at the end? RIGHT! And the ending cut scenes is truly a must for RPG gamers. Melodies of Life is on my top list of BEST RPG game soundtracks of all time.

I wish kids these days know how to enjoy games like this and similar to this. What about you? Did this article remind you of something from your childhood or maybe memories from Final Fantasy IX? If so, please, share your experiences here and subscribe.


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