Final Fantasy XV Delay Angers Fans

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Furious Final Fantasy fans are all over the place

The game has been one of most anticipated RPG game of the year, the game looks like an overhaul compared to the traditional Final Fantasy turn-based game. It has been proven that the changes brought positive reviews from the majority of players.

However, after being developed for over a decade, Square Enix?s newest Final Fantasy has been delayed again, it has been moved to November 29th instead of September 30th. Since then, a lot of fans has been raging through the internet, mostly on Square Enix?s Facebook Page.

Square Enix?s had an event for unveiling the release date of the game, while they also started taking pre-orders, this is one of the few major reasons why fans had an angered breakout. A lot of people felt like they are being disrespected because of how Square Enix delayed the game despite the announcement they gave.

Fans are also raging about the game being developed for more than a decade and being pushed back even further. There is only a little bit of fans who kept on being positive despite the delays. They said that they’d appreciate Square Enix?s effort to polish the game even further and they care about people who cannot afford an internet connection.

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Why is it delayed?

Tabata said that the reason for the delay is, Square Enix wants to ditch the day-one patch, in order to make the game playable for the people who doesn?t have an internet connection.

Tabata, the game?s Director also posted a video which he made a statement ?Our objective with FFXV was to deliver Final Fantasy of the highest possible quality, to every single person who buys the game?. He also made it clear that they haven?t quite reached the standard yet.

State of the Game

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for more than decade now, and their company is not in a good shape. Tabata said the company is aiming to sell a total of 10 million copies of the game. He later clarified that doing this wasn’t necessary in order to reap a profit as it was only the company’s target goal in order for them to consider it “a success”. Final Fantasy XV is available via PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console while skipping the PC Platform, which lowers the potential sales?of the game.

There are approximately 100 Millions of console users more or less, and 1/5th of the total console users must purchase the game in order to achieve the company’s goal. The latest installment of Final Fantasy is due to release, finally and hopefully they fulfill their promise of making it available on November 29th.

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