Final Fantasy Ending Explained! Final Boss And What Happens In The Finale [Spoilers]

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If you waited for Final Fantasy 15 for 10 years, then you must be a diehard Final Fantasy fan. But some have already lost their patience and want to know the Final Fantasy 15 ending. For the latter, you have come to the right place.

Before you continue reading, if you are planning to play the game all the way to the finish and don?t want any spoilers, then stop reading this instant. If you are fine with knowing the Final Fantasy 15 ending though, then by all means, read on. Here’s what happens according to Reddit user ItsZant.

Final Battle Scenes

Any game ending will not be complete if there is no final boss in a final battle. In the Final Fantasy 15 ending, you will encounter two major battles.

The final battles will, obviously, have Noctis and his bros. His team will do a timeskip that will propel all of the 10 years to put an end to Ardyn Izunia and reclaim the Lucian throne. Upon seeing Noctis? team, Ardyn unleashes Ifrit, starting the ?Penultimate Battle.?

Noctis starts to battle Ifrit for a while. As time passes, Bahamut (who could probably be Aranea) appears and massive swords start raining down from the skies (thanks to Noctis). After this, Noctis lands a heavy blow on Ifrit with the help of Bahamut?s ?Megaflare.?

This attack combo enrages Ifrit as Noctis continues on their bout. The fight ends with Gentiana appearing. She transforms herself into Shiva and manages to kill Bahamut with her ?Diamond Dust.?

After the battle, Noctis? team heads up to the throne room and encounters Ardyn once again. On the ceiling are four dead bodies hanging (illusions created by Ardyn). They were Iedolas, Regis, Luna and Nyx. Then, Ardyn challenges Noctis to fight him alone.

During the battle, Ardyn has two stages (surprise, surprise). The first battle is a ground combat, and the second one is the aerial fight. Once he is defeated, Ardyn promises that he will meet Noctis in the beyond.

Noctis returns to his bros to say one final farewell before he heads to the throne room without him knowing that Iron Giants have spawned behind the three as Noctis makes his exit. There he reminisces on his past life as he sits on the throne. Then Noctis calls upon the past Kings of Lucis. One by one the kings enter the Ring of the Lucii, with Regis as the final king. This act kills Noctis instantly.

In the beyond, Noctis is faced by Ardyn once again. But now Noctis is followed by the kings of Lucis and Noctis? bros (probably were killed by the Iron Giants). Luna approaches Ardyn and damages him, and each of the kings deliver fatal blows, killing Ardyn. Sadly, Noctis perishes as well.

We then see a flashback of the memorable camping scene of Noctis and his bros before they headed to Insomnia. This is where we hear their emotional conversation, with Noctis stating that this is the last time that they will be together.

Post End Credits

We hear Regis talking to Luna and congratulating her on her wedding with Noctis. He also wishes the couple well (this is the ?would have been? dream sequence).

Then we see the happy couple make their way to the throne. Noctis finally sits with Luna by his side and they kiss. Luna places her head on the throne’s armrest as she fades into the Final Fantasy 15 logo and becomes the resting woman we see in the symbol. It is then followed by Noctis? artwork which is placed beside her (seen in the official logo that appears on the title screen).

Everything fades to black with Noctis? final words, ?Thank You? (addressed probably to his father). Finally, the word ?Fin? appears in the background.

There you have it, the Final Fantasy 15 ending. Be ready to experience all the ?feels? this ending will give you.

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