Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4: Why The Game Will Be Announced Next Year

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Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4

Square Enix is preparing something big for us next year as it?s the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise. There are a lot of possibilities for what Square Enix might reveal during the milestone?s celebration, but fans have a few things in mind with regards to what they want to see. Specifically, fans might be looking forward to the announcement of Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4. Here are a few reasons why the game might be announced next year.

Something Special For The Milestone

Square Enix isn?t going to celebrate the anniversary of one Final Fantasy in particular. Instead, it?s going to celebrate the series as a whole. There?s no other game that would be fitting for the event than Dissidia. The fast-paced fighting game brings in a few characters from each of the main entries in the series. There?s no other Final Fantasy title that can give a better tribute to the series than Dissidia.

A Lot Of New Content

If Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4 does push through, then there?s a lot of new content that Square Enix could include. For starters, Square Enix could include Noctis in the game as he is part of one of the main entries in the title. Another character that Square Enix could add is Sora and Aqua from the Kingdom Hearts series.

PS4 Pro

Based on what we?ve seen from the arcade version of Dissidia, the game is going to look a lot better when it?s running on a powerful console. There?s no reason for Square Enix to not release Dissidia for the PlayStation 4 as the game will look and run great on the console and on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Next year?s the perfect time for Final Fantasy Dissidia PS4 to launch as the library of Pro titles is progressively expanding.

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