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Final Fantasy Dimensions 2: Chapter 1 Gameplay Video Leaks!

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Since the countdown for Final Fantasy Dimensions 2, there has been little to no advertisement or teasers from Square Enix.?After a few weeks of waiting since the game?s official release on November 10 in Japan, there has finally been an update. Just recently, the producers of Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 released an hour-long video featuring the game’s storyline, gameplay and all-around feel.

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 is a battle between the light and darkness to attain crystals. You can travel through different dimensions and meet different characters to help you along your journey.

With regards to gameplay, it is a turn-based role playing game that utilizes the five characters. You can choose what character you want, depending on your battle strategy. You can also use ?Summons? to aid you in your quests. The all-time favorites such as Bahamut, Ifrit and Odin are all at your disposal.

The battle itself is a back-to-basics Final Fantasy?gameplay. With each battle you encounter, there will be a number of set fights you have to defeat in order to win the entire bout. For the previewed gameplay, we can see that in one fight, there are a total of two to three stages before you can clear the battle. The number of stages you will encounter may depend on the difficulty level of your enemy.

The battle screen itself in Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 is simple and easy to maneuver around. On the left side, you will see the options menu for your character. There you can choose to attack, use items, summon or whatever you desire to counter the enemy.

If you are in Japan and you know how to read Japanese, you can enjoy all of this Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 goodness in 2D style environment with bright and crisp colors. For now, only Chapter one is playable; the next chapter will possibly be added in the next update. Until then, let?s just sit back and wait.

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