Final Fantasy Creator To Release A New Free To Play RPG Game for Mobile

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Hironobu Sakaguchi
Hironobu Sakaguchi

Anybody who has played the earlier games in the Final Fantasy series would know who Hironobu Sakaguchi is. He is the genius behind the most popular JRPG game in the west. He was also behind games like Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, and the very popular series, Kingdom Hearts. Later on, he went off and resigned from Square and founded his own game production company Mistwalker, which was financially backed up by Microsoft Game Studios. Mistwalker recently announced that they are developing A New FREE To Play RPG Game for Mobile.

It is going to be called Terra Battle. The game is scheduled to be released first on iOS devices in Japan this coming September. According to a Famitsu interview, which was translated by NeoGAF, Mistwalker is designing a game that won?t force players to dish out out serious money, just to finish it.

Sakaguchi, being the producer, is looking forward to work with other game creators, but whom he had in mind or what kind of collaboration will happen, was not mentioned. Nobuo Uematsu, another iconic person who created hundreds of Final Fantasy music, will be around to create 20 tracks for the game.

Some fans were a bit disappointed with the fact that Sakaguchi, a guy who directed and produced lots of Final Fantasy games, will work on a free-to-play mobile games. Mistwalker is interested in bringing Terra Battle to consoles later, but no specifics have been made for that matter.

Hear more news from Terra Battle as Mistwalker also announced that Sakaguchi will be attending the Japan Expo 2014 in Paris, which ?started today. Sakaguchi will be a Guest of Honor tomorrow at the VideoGameStory Exhibition as well. He will be discussing his career, and most likely, share more insights about his ?next project?.

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