Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide: Tips On How To Beat Pro Farming Easily

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There are several stages to choose from in Brave Exvius events. Each stage will correspond to different items that the enemies will drop once you are able to defeat them. In order to get the most rare and hard to find items, you need to pick a stage with high difficulty level. This is where the Pro stage steps in. This Final Fantasy Brave Exvius guide will help you pick the best strategy to defeat the Pro stage and let you farm more precious items.

The first thing you need to know in this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius guide is the type of boss that you will encounter. The final boss deals massive damage using its Blizzaga and Aeroga spells. Furthermore, Death spells are cast by the boxes in the stage.

With that in mind, you can now properly choose and equip your team for battle. If you happen to have Luneth, Charlotte, Faris, Lenna and Cloud of Darkness in your roster at max level, they can make a good team.


The best equipment for Luneth in this battle would be an Ice Armor. This will allow her to gain an additional 50% ice resistance against the enemies? attacks.

Since Charlotte is already good with her Mastery of Heavy Shields, as stated in her Brave Exvius character explanation, you can further enhance it with Ice Shield. This will also give her a 50% increase in ice resistance.

For summoners like Faris and Lenna, you can equip Shiva. This will increase their ice resistance to 50% as well. Shiva will also come in handy with the Death spells that the boxes cast. To counter the Death spell, you can use Shiva?s ?Sleep? spell over and over until you are able to defeat them.

You can equip Cloud of Darkness with either Barblizzara or Baraerora. Then choose Charlotte to take the remaining magic equipment. These are two important barrier spells that the team can use during the battle.

Starting the Battle

It is important to start the battle by casting both Barblizzara and Baraerora to your team. These spells will automatically give all the team members 100% ice resistance and 50% wind resistance status.

Your next best move is to let Charlotte cast her Shellga. This will further increase the defense of all of your team members. When these two steps are done correctly, the boss will be easier to defeat.

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This ends our Final Fantasy Brave Exvius guide for defeating the Pro boss. For our final advice, always remember that a good defense is the best offense.

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