Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Should Zack Fair Be Given More Limelight?

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix?s plan of remaking the universe of Final Fantasy 7 should include every memorable moment from the game. With this idea, should Cloud?s flashbacks about his role model and savior, Zack Fair, be given more focus this time around in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

In Final Fantasy 7, Zack Fair was only a minor character in Cloud?s flashbacks but was actually a larger part of Cloud?s whole personality. In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, Cloud looked up to SOLDIER members such as Zack and Sephiroth and was hoping to be like them. Zack was also responsible for saving Cloud during the whole Crisis Core story. With his importance to the lead character and being a main protagonist of a Final Fantasy game himself, Zack Fair has a high chance of appearing in Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a voiced and well-designed character in the game.

Although the director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Crisis Core is the same, it?s doubtful that Hajime Tabata will include heavy parts and chunks of Crisis Core in the remake of Final Fantasy 7. The character?s inclusion and Zack Fair?s additional screen time might steer the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?s story too much. Since the character is already dead, his inclusion in the remake might ruin the meaning of his demise as the player is reminded too much of his existence. Square Enix should just opt to include a PS4 port of Crisis Core if it intends to emphasize the importance of Zack Fair.

Zack Fair?s role was already strongly introduced in Crisis Core, so improving his general appearance in Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be enough. Even if he just appears in flashbacks in the upcoming game, it?s better that Final Fantasy 7 Remake stays faithful to the original game?s classic story.

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