Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One Release Spotted Online

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After Sony announced their plans about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?at?E3 2015, many?thought it would be a PS4 exclusive. However, it seems like that is not the case because the game?s Xbox version is already available for pre-order on a certain website.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One Version Leaked?

The name of the site is EB Games and it is?an Australian online retailer. According to the post, gamers can already pre-order the Xbox version of the FF7R. Its price is at AUS $109.95 to be released sometime in 2017. One question though, how is it possible that a pre-order for Xbox is now live but there?s none yet for the PS4.

Although the post clearly created hype, there are some who doubt the credibility of the “leaks”. A certain Vuckovic also admitted to inventing his own “Nintendo Switch launch lineups” on the site.?Some were glad to hear this is just possibly a fake or a wrong listing.?

Unlikely For Xbox One In 2017

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake?trailer way back during PlayStation Experience 2015 revealed that the game?is going to be playable on Sony’s console first. They did not mention, however, if it is going to be a PS4 exclusive or not. Considering their choice of words, it seems like the title is only going to be a timed PS4 exclusive?before being available on other consoles.

Should that be the case, then the launch of the remake on?Xbox might not probably take place this year. If the game would arrive on PS4 in 2017, it might be ready for Xbox One in 2018.

This is more evidence to back up the possibility that EB Games’ listing is fake.?It was mentioned there that the title will be available for Xbox One this year. Since Sony has not announced anything yet, it is safe to say that the launch will not happen in 2017. Let us just wait for an official statement from Sony regarding the launch date of the game.

How about you? Do you think Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a PS4 exclusive? Or, do you support the idea of it being available on Xbox One? When do you think it will hit the stores? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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