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Final Fantasy 7 Remake News: Sephiroth’s One Winged Angel Engagement Ring Shown

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Have you ever had a dilemma of giving the perfect gift to someone you love? Especially when your fiance-to-be is a gamer like you is eagerly waiting for the Final Fantasy 7 remake, maybe the jewelry maker from Takaya?s Custom Jewelry can give you an idea or two.

Upon the request of one of their former customers, the jeweler has managed to create a remarkable engagement ring that depicts a Sephiroth motif. If you are a fan of the hit role playing game that is soon to have a Final Fantasy 7 remake, then you would love the thought of this ?One Winged Angel” ring theme.

The ring itself has?both Sephiroth?s Masamune weapon and his black wing incorporated. It also holds a green emerald stone in between them.

The ring ?was made out of platinum. It’s?wing was made of black rhodium and was meticulously done piece by piece. This made the black wing part of the ring have a nice slated finish.

This is not the first time that the jeweler has done this type of project. Tanaka has made several ?geek themed” engagement rings for his avid customers.

The end results of each customized ring will be what the clients are hoping for. Since Takaya is a certified gemologist as well, he makes sure that everything will be according to what his customers have envisioned the rings to be. He is hands on in every project from the conceptualization down to the ring finish.

Some of his projects include the inspired scholar ring from Final Fantasy XIV, and the Papou fruit inspired engagement ring from Kingdom Hearts. You can check their sample designs out on their official website.

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Sephiroth is one of the most iconic characters, and fans are eager to see him again in the?Final Fantasy 7 remake. Sephiroth has appeared numerous times in other games such as a special character in Final Fantasy Dissidia Opera Mini to being present as a chibi character in the World of Final Fantasy. It wouldn’t be a mystery if he were to have an engagement ring in commemoration for his so called ?greatness”.

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