Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rumors: Part 1 Not LImited To Midgar, Aeris An NPC

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix is still very hardpressed on working on the remake for Final Fantasy 7 and there’s very little we know of the upcoming title so far. New rumors are making their rounds on the internet and fans could be getting a glimpse of what the first part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be like.

One Final Fantasy 7 Remake rumor is that Aerith won’t be a playable character in the first part of the game. According to the source, Aerith will play the role of a very important NPC instead. This could upset many fans though as in the original title, Aerith was one of the best healers in the game and she was very useful during the time she was available.

If this is true, this could be one of the biggest differences that the game has over the sequel. In the original title, Aerith dies later on in the game but she was a part of the party during a first parts. The rumor stems from the father of the childhood friend of the poster. The father is apparently working for Square Enix but he isn’t directly working on the game.

Another rumor states that the first part of the game will be cut up to when Cloud and company finally head out Midgar. All we know about the game’s release is that it will be released in several parts instead of one game. We’ve yet to know how the parts will be cut however.

According to the rumor, the first part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be up to when Cloud and company reach Costa Del Sol. This could mean that players can get a glimpse of the open world before the first part concludes. Again, there is no proof of these rumors being true so we have to take it with a grain of salt.

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