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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Will Be Controversial?

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All remakes come with controversy. One only needs to look at the fiasco on the Ghostbusters reboot to know that, but the Final Fantasy 7 remake might cause some as well. This is not because of the new content that will be added but the old ones that might be kept in for the release. None of these were big problems in 1997, but they could be huge for 2017 (or 2018, whenever it comes out).

The original Final Fantasy 7 is considered a classic and one of the best in the Final Fantasy series, but it was also released in a less sensitive time. Now that we’re living in a post 9/11 world that has been dominated by social media, it’s only fair to look at the controversy the remake could bring. Here are three.


Okay, that’s a bit of a bold statement, but it’s far from false. Early in the game, Cloud is part of a resistance group called AVALANCHE which was supposed to blow up various things in the prologue. At the time, it seemed innocent enough, and the enemies they’re fighting were pretty corrupt. But there’s no denying that in today’s eyes, his group could easily be called terrorists and no one would be wrong about the accusation.

To be fair, the original Star Wars got away with that. Even now, it’s seen as a timeless classic and the bad guys were so evil they would blow up planets, so the group really felt like a resistance. Will the developers in Square Enix use Star Wars logic for the Final Fantasy 7 remake, or will they be edgy and go with a terrorism angle? Either way, fans can expect controversy.

Cross Dressing

In the original title, Cloud had to dress up as a woman to infiltrate a private prostitution process and save his friend Tifa. At the time, it seemed comedic, as Cloud was a serious character who had to wear a dress, but now some people might take offense to his reactions.

We’re living in a more open and sensitive time, so seeing Cloud embarrassed in a dress could anger the LGBT community as well as actual cross dressers. They might point out how having a lead character who is ashamed to be a man in a dress is bad for their community, or how a straight male in female clothes being used as a joke is insensitive. After all, there are Transgender and Gender Fluid people who want to wear dresses or be females but have a hard time expressing themselves due to ?comedy? scenes like this. Either way, it might get messy.

Episodic Gaming

This used to be a Telltale-only trend, but it’s started to affect other gaming franchises. Hitman is now fully episodic and so will the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Some fans have excused this, since the original game came on three separate discs, but others are worried that Square Enix just wants to make more money by releasing the game episodically. We can only hope that the episodic experience is a fun one.

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