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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Rumors: Game Will Come In 2 Years?

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the top anticipated games leading up to E3. It is one of the most mentioned games on social media and is the most talked about by the media as of June 8, 2016–using Google search results as the metric. Also, it has the third most-watched official reveal trailers on YouTube as of June 8 with 4.5 million views. As of today, the number pushed up to a little over 5 million.

This interest is normal for a franchise which has a solid and loyal fanbase and community. This interest might likely hold up until the release of the game. But the game?s release just could not come sooner. According to some rumors in a report by Yibada, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake could hit the shelves in the third quarter of 2017. September was seen as the likely month of the release. This is a schedule based upon the release of another much anticipated Square Enix game, Final Fantasy XV.

But this though might be pushed back a little longer. According to some reports, Square Enix may push back the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to 2018. This might be a viable option if the developer wants to give single focus to Kingdom Hearts III–something that fans have been waiting for years now. Releasing Final Fantasy 7 Remake could also shift the market?s focus away from Kingdom Hearts, something that will compromise the sales and market shares of both games.

In a Bitbag article, it was suggested that Square Enix should tweak some gameplay features based on Final Fantasy XV. For example, like in Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy 7 Remake should give options for both long-timer players and newcomers. There should be options whether to choose a more action-based fast-paced combat or a turn-based system on previous titles. In addition, Final Fantasy 7 Remake could benefit more if it is further expanded, be more open-world and include summons.

Are you excited about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release? Do you think that it is worth the wait? Would taking some elements from the Final Fantasy XV game make it better? Would it appease both new fans and long-timer followers? Leave your thoughts below.

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