Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date: Why The Game Will Surely Come Next Year

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One of Square Enix?s anticipated titles coming any time soon is the remake to 1997?s Final Fantasy 7. Fans have been longing for this for years now, and Square Enix finally gave in and revealed the game during E3 2015. The game will be split into several episodes that will be released at different times. The release date of the first episode is yet to be revealed but there are sure signs that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date will be coming this 2017.

20th Anniversary

Come January 31 next year, the classic will be celebrating its 20th anniversary since the game was launched back in 1997. Square Enix might take advantage of this milestone as the perfect time for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date since it?s a day that fans have associated with the game. If not exactly on January 31, the game might be released very close to that date instead.

Square Enix Might No Longer Be Busy

Square Enix has a lot of upcoming Final Fantasy titles, including a remaster of Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy 15 launching this September. The latter is a pretty huge game so Square Enix has had its hands full these past few years and since it?ll finally launch it this September, the developer might have freed up time time to focus on the development of the remake.

Square Enix Avoiding Backlogging

Since there are several titles coming soon, Square Enix might be holding back in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake to avoid players having too much games to play, and possibly backlogging other titles instead. Holding back the release date would also be beneficial to Square Enix as players will have the time to save up for the title and the possible collector?s edition it might have.

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