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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Satisfied With The Game’s Graphics

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Image from Square Enix

Ever since the game debuted, there has been non-stop chatter about the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake that is coming to the PS4. Gamers have wanted a remake of the acclaimed JRPG for sometime and were blown away by the footage, showing off great visuals and completely revamped gameplay. Said visuals are so great that the remake’s producer is fairly satisfied with them, which might mean that the gameplay is already being worked on.

Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase was interviewed by Japanese website MyNavi Creator, where he discussed the remake and how happy he was with it’s visual style. Apparently, his “satisfaction levels” have been reached visually, though he acknowledges the high expectations fans have. Many regard Final Fantasy 7 as one of the best titles in the series, so it’s easy to see why these expectations would be high.

We haven’t seen much gameplay, though we do know that the game is ditching turn-based fights for real-time combat, which is an interesting change. More changes are set to follow, which will be interesting to witness for longtime fans, though said differences haven’t been outlined yet. Visually, the game is stunning and some of the new character models are great, though Cloud himself looks the same, but with better current-gen visuals.

Prior to the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Square Enix produced a number of spinoff titles for fans, including the controversial Advent Children movie and the acclaimed Crisis Core PSP game. These came out years ago, so the fact that the remake took so long confused plenty of fans, though they are happy that it is finally being made. Even if the company is still hiring developers for the game, at least there is some progress.

Square Enix have stated before that the Final Fantasy 7 remake will come out within the next three years. Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be out by that time, though we will have to wait and see.

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