Final Fantasy 7 Remake News: Original Story Killed More Party Members

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Plenty of eyes are on the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake, a game fans have wanted for the longest time. The game will retell the story of Cloud and his friends, as they take on the Shinra Corporation and Sephiroth. Of course, a number of changes are going to be made to make the game feel fresh and interesting.

Interestingly enough, it was recently revealed that the original Final Fantasy 7 was going to be much darker. That’s saying a lot, since the death of Aerith still haunts many a gamer who has played the game. It turns out that a bunch of Cloud’s party mates were supposed to die in the original game.

Final Destination 7

An oral history of the game from Polygon revealed that most of Cloud’s teammates were going to die. In fact, only three of his teammates were going to live and the game was going to force players to choose. Since the Final Fantasy 7 remake is going to do different things, it will be fun to see if Square Enix will make the game darker. 

This original plot would have put the game on a dark place and it’s easy to see why this was scrapped. That being said, it’s a cool moral choice to make and would be fun to see in the remake. It’s doubtful that we’ll see major changes like this in the remake, but it is a nice possibility.

According to Tetsuya Nomura, the character and visual director of Final Fantasy 7, they decided to only kill Aerith in order to make players “think deeply about the theme.”

“The theme of Final Fantasy 7 was “life,” and we sacrificed Aerith in order to give weight and depth to that theme,” Nomura said. “Her death is a tragedy, but if we suddenly just killed off everyone else after that, it would dilute the meaning of her death.”

Other Scrapped Possibilities?

With a ton of new things expected, it will be interesting to see if other scrapped ideas make it. Not much is known about ideas that didn’t make it in the game, but choosing which teammate lives is fascinating. Having choices like these would really make the game feel different, if the visuals and combat didn’t already do that.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake has no release date, though many are hoping it will be out this year. Despite being revealed in last year’s PlayStation Experience, the game might come to Xbox One, since Final Fantasy 15 did. Expect Square Enix to reveal news about the title’s availability soon. In the meantime, fans can download an HD version of the original FF 7 on the PS4.  

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