Final Fantasy 7 Remake: New Gameplay Footage And First Episode Release Date At TGS 2016?

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Tokyo Game Show 2016 has seen a lot of really big reveals and news from the biggest developers. The event is just starting and?there are several days left for more games to be unveiled. One of the titles that gamers are anticipating Square Enix?s Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Will we see the reincarnation of the 1997 classic at Tokyo Game Show 2016?

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was revealed way back at E3 2015. Since then, we?ve only gotten a few details about the upcoming title. We?ve seen little of its gameplay in the PlayStation Experience 2015 trailer and Square Enix isn?t giving us any release date for now.

Late last year, Square Enix revealed that the remake will be episodic. It sounds like a pretty bad move from Square Enix but it doesn?t necessarily mean that it?s bad for the game. Since it?s episodic, Square Enix doesn?t have to take a long time in developing the game as it will be released separately instead of it being one whole title.

Development Near Completion?

Past footages show that the remake?s development is looking pretty smoothly. Footages reveal Cloud?s adventures in Midgar, which is in the early parts of the game. Fans have speculated before that the first episode is near completion and we won?t be too surprised if that?s the case.

Tokyo Game Show is just the perfect stage for Square Enix to reveal new details about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If the game does make an appearance at the event, there?s a chance that we?ll see new gameplay footage as well as the game?s release date.

Since the game has probably been in development for a long time now, there?s no doubting that the release date is near. All that?s left is for Square Enix to announce it themselves.?

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