Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What It Could Learn From Final Fantasy 15

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Aside from several upcoming projects under its name, Square Enix has its fans drooling over a remake of one of the best games in the Final Fantasy series. Back at E3 2015, Square revealed that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in the works, while they are currently finishing Final Fantasy 15. The latter will launch this September, and it?s looking to top all other entries in the series. There?s a lot to be excited about Final Fantasy 15, and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake could learn a thing or two from it.

Plenty Of Options For Long-Time Fans And Newcomers

At its core, Final Fantasy 15 is an action game, which is very far from the turn-based structure of past titles in the series. What?s good is that players have the option to make the battle less fast-paced. Purists may opt to use Pause Mode of Final Fantasy 15 to make it feel like the previous titles. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has shifted to an action-based game as well, but some players may prefer a slower pace of combat in it.


One of the most impressive gameplay features of Final Fantasy 15 so far is when Noctis uses his Summon ability. We?ve seen Ramuh on epic proportions, and we?re even more thrilled to see the likes of Titan and Leviathan being used by Noctis. Final Fantasy 7 is home to several summons including the memorable Knights of the Round. Square should introduce the same mechanic to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake because having basic summoning animations is a thing of the past now.

Make It Massive

Nearly everything about Final Fantasy 15 is massive. When it originally launched, Final Fantasy 7 was pretty big, but it?s different now when compared to today?s standards. To make it a truly epic journey, Final Fantasy 7 Remake should also sport the same size of Final Fantasy 15 including the summons, enemies and the open-world.

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