Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Going To Be Episodic? Different Games With Various Gameplays Hinted?

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While everyone is going bonkers on the revealed Final Fantasy VII, there could be a catch with the game release.

Right after the hyped gameplay reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake at the PlayStation Experience 2015 event, Square Enix just recently mentioned that the anticipated remake will be released in episodic form. As of this moment, the details about the format is still vague, as it could mean differently.

Some speculations according to Gamesradar is that the episodic approach might mean the Remake will have different games with different gameplay style, like the similar idea made a few years back for Final Fantasy VII as part of its 10th year anniversary as we saw a line-up of different games (including a direct to DVD movie) that shows the events after the game (games such as Crisis Core which is a prequel and Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus as a prologue). So it is possible that we could see different developers handling on different games, who knows Platinum Games might launch an action-pack game based on Vincent Valentine or Cloud.

Another would that this could possibly be released in episodes, a format that is common in adventure games such as The Walking Dead Game from Telltales and Life is Strange from Square Enix, however some genres are experimenting with this approach, with action shooters such as Resident Evil Revelations 2 where it releases bits of the game in episodes per week and with Asura?s Wrath with its DLC ending, but was given a negative feedback due to the poor execution of the episodic approach.

It is still uncertain on what Square Enix mentioned about the game being ?multi-part?, as we are all asking for follow ups about this statement for clarification, as a lot of fans are sharing their sentiments of disappointment over this news.

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