Final Fantasy 7 Remake To Include Scenes From Advent Children And Crisis Core?

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The upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake is going to make a huge impact, no questions about it. This is a remake that fans have been demanding for years now, and the PS3 demo that Square Enix released several years ago only increased the demand for it.

Now that we know it?s coming to the PS4 first, fans have started to wonder if there will be any new content in it. More importantly, will elements from the Crisis Core prequel or the Advent Children sequel be implemented in the episodic remake?

Fans on Reddit have discussed the possibility of adding some backstory from the PSP prequel Crisis Core. The game added a lot to the mythology of Final Fantasy 7 in addition to telling Zack?s story. Cloud Strife was featured a lot in this game as a supporting character, and fans would appreciate witnessing these moments again from his perspective in the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Some of the remake?s gameplay trailers have shown a more action-oriented combat system, so it seems like it?s already borrowing some elements from Crisis Core. The real question is, will it add anything from the Advent Children movie which was set after the events of the original game?

Advent Children received mixed reviews from fans and critics, with some feeling like it was pure fan service that also had a confusing storyline. Considering how the film added little to the overall world of Final Fantasy 7, fans probably wouldn?t mind not seeing it appear in the remake.

The movie does have its fans though. Cloud?s attire in the film was popular enough to make it to Final Fantasy Dissidia on the PSP and Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U. While a full look at the story isn?t needed, fans might be content with an easter egg or two referencing the film.

Currently, the Final Fantasy 7 remake does not have a release date. Trailers have confirmed that it will come to the PS4 first, so it will likely get an Xbox One release and maybe even a PC version.

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