Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Showcase And Release Date Reveal At E3 2016?

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Final Fantasy 7 remake has been one of the most anticipated titles from Square Enix since the game was announced at Sony?s E3 Conference. While some have balked at it for being an episodic game series, the few gameplay videos that have been released excited gamers to the point that they are at least willing to check it out.

Now that E3 is underway, no one is sure if the remake will be making an appearance in Square Enix?s conference. While it is arguably the game most fans are looking forward to, the company has other games to focus on like Final Fantasy 15, World of Final Fantasy and the episodic Hitman, among other things.

That being said, E3 has always been known for surprises. No one expected to see the remake last year ? or ever, to be honest ? but there it was in all of its glory. The short footage shown had new costumes for Cloud and Barret as well as full voice acting, which is new, and we might see something similar at E3 2016.

Unlike the original version of the game, the Final Fantasy 7 remake has ditched turn-based combat and adapted a real-time battle system. It looks fairly similar to the prequel Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core and this year?s Final Fantasy 15, which comes out in September.

While the story looks identical to the original so far, Square Enix has promised that the remake will be doing some things differently. This has led fans to speculate that it would include segments from the prequel Crisis Core as well as the movie sequel Advent Children.

To get fans even more excited for the game, Square Enix actually ported the PC version of the original game to the PS4. This is so fans who haven?t played the original can finally do so, while more experienced gamers can have a piece of nostalgia on their current-gen console.

Currently, the Final Fantasy 7 remake has no release date, but it will arrive on the PS4 first. There?s a good chance that the game will come to the Xbox One and PC sometime after, since the remake isn?t a PS4 exclusive.

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