Final Fantasy 7 Remake: ‘Episodic Release’ Pros And Cons

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake
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One of the few things we know about the upcoming remake for Final Fantasy 7 is that that the game will come out in multiple full-sized games instead of all the content being bundled into one game. Square Enix is also doing away with a multi-disc title like it did with the original game. Many are unsure about the episodic release of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and here a few possible pros and cons of the format.


For starters, the game having several episodes opens up the possibility of more content as compared to the original title. Many are expecting each of the episodes to feel like a full-length title. If Square Enix is looking to expand the game?s story, then a single release won?t do.

Another good thing about the episodic release is that players have a chance to play the Final Fantasy 7 Remake sooner. Square Enix doesn?t have to fully complete the game before it releases as it can focus on finishing one of the entries first and then work on the other episodes in the meantime.?

Square Enix also promised to expand and offer brand new content that wasn’t in the original game. Having multiple episodes will help the developers put enough attention to detail without making everyone wait several more years just to experience the remake.


One of the biggest cons for the episodic release of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is that there might be big intervals between the release date of each game. This would turn off a few players as the momentum will definitely be lost while they?re waiting for the next episode to come. Unless Square Enix shortens the release intervals or increases the game time of each episodes, then players will have to wait.

We don?t know how Square Enix is going to execute the episodic release of the remake. It?s possible that it might follow the same format as Hitman for the PlayStation 4 wherein a new chapter is released after every couple of months and with a collection releasing after all the chapters have been launched. If this is the case, it?s definitely going to be a hassle to buy a new episode every time and for those that want the full experience readily, then they?ll have to wait for a long time.?

Some are also speculating that Square Enix is simply doing an episodic scheme in order to?get more money. While Square Enix promises each episodes to be?similar to the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy in size and length, some believe the company is only going to use the game’s popularity to cash-in on gamers.

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