Final Fantasy 7 Remake E3 2017 Trailer Is Highly Likely

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final fantasy 7 remake
Cloud takes cover. [Image from Gematsu]

Few games have caused the ruckus that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has, truly showing the power of nostalgia. The game is clearly the most anticipated from acclaimed publisher Square Enix and fans want to know more. Seems like that is what’s going to happen, as a new trailer for the game is highly likely.

During MAGIC 2017, the game’s director showed off new screenshots of the remake, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3. According to Gematsu, he wanted to show off a video instead of screenshots, but “the company refused.” It seems like the company refused because the technology isn’t polished yet, or they’re holding off for an even bigger event, possibly E3 2017.

E3 2017 Trailer?

Considering how the Final Fantasy 7 Remake made it’s debut on E3 last year, it’s only fitting that the follow up appears in the same event. With an event that big, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that it would be debuting in said event, rather than in MAGIC. There’s no word on this being official, but the cryptic words of the director will always lead to mass speculation for the game.

Honestly, it feels too good to be true at this point in time, so excited players should take this with a grain of salt. Still, there’s no denying that a trailer would create plenty of buzz, which nobody can deny. Until then, players can enjoy other titles like Persona 5, which is apparently better than Final Fantasy 15.

Not A 2017 Release

While a new trailer could be unveiled in E3 2017, fans shouldn’t expect the release date for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake just yet. It’s clear that the game needs plenty of time to be worked on, with additional sequels planned ala Final Fantasy 13 or 10. Gamers are hoping it will be out late this year or sometime next year, but no one is sure when it will be out, aside from Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 7 has had a profound impact on gamers, so Square Enix will have to deliver on all of the hype. Switching to an action-based fighting system should help, as do the gorgeous visuals that we’ve seen thus far. The success of this game could also lead to more remakes down the line, which could make plenty of money for Square Enix.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has no release date, but will be coming to PS4. In the meantime, fans can play Final Fantasy 15 or the enhanced re-release of the original Final Fantasy 7 game.

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