Final Fantasy 7 Remake: New Features That Might Ruin The Game

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Back at E3 2015, Square Enix shocked the entire gaming community by finally giving fans what they want with the long-awaited and long-requested Final Fantasy 7 remake. Very little is known about the game, but fans are pretty excited for it nonetheless. The gameplay has obviously been revamped to make way for today?s gaming standards, and the episodic structure has been questioned by fans. Despite this, fans will still surely get their hands on the game at launch. Here?s a rundown of features that Square Enix shouldn?t include in the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Anything That Requires Further Payment

Let?s face it, Final Fantasy has lost its luster these past years. It has a chance to redeem itself with the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 remake, but we wouldn?t be surprised if Square Enix decides to add a few microtransactions or paid add-ons to the game.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, players had to pay extra to fight a list of optional bosses. How horrible would it be if we need to dish out a couple of dollars more just to get our party whipped into submission by Ruby Weapon. Square Enix, please lighten up on paid add-ons.

Anything That Alters the Story

One of the strong points of the original Final Fantasy 7 can be found in its amazing storytelling. The entire duration of the game was filled with drama, light-hearted humor and mystery. That?s what we loved most about the game, to be honest. Let?s all hope that Square doesn?t change things to make the story ?better?.

Anything That Forces Modern Gaming Features Into the Timeless Classic

No matter how we put it, Final Fantasy 7 will always be a classic. Seeing this game butchered by forced modern gaming features will surely break our hearts. And when we say we don?t want modern gaming features, we mean we don?t want the game to be played ?only online?; we don?t want boring QTEs; and several others. Just give us the classic with better graphics and a revamped gameplay in Final Fantasy 7 remake, and we?ll be more than happy to see the game get restored to its?former glory.

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