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Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife To Crossover Super Smash Bros., Get Full Details Here!

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And just like a random battle encounter, Cloud storms into battle at Super Smash Bros.

In the recent Nintendo Direct live stream event, it has been revealed the Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII is one of the newest characters to become playable for Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U. This is the first time a Square Enix character gets a crossover appearance in a Smash Bros. game. You can check out the introduction video.

Cloud will be sporting his original outfit as well as an alternate Advent Children costume, he will be having his signature moves from the Final Fantasy VII game in Super Smash Bros, including his standard Buster Sword attacks, and looking at the trailer, if he receives certain amount of damage, it will fill up his Limit meter to unleash his Limit Breaks, just like in Final Fantasy VII. You will get to see some famous Limit Breaks like the Braver, Cross Slash, Finishing Touch and Climhazzard. And his Smash move is his signature Omnislash Limit Break, making a minced meat into anyone getting hit with the attack.

Aside from Cloud, there will be a Midgar stage that has some twists, you can summon some of the famous Summons from the Final Fantasy game, from Odin doing a Zantetsuken attack, or some of the classics like Ramuh, Ifrit, Shiva and Leviathan wreaking havoc on stage. And as a bonus, there will be Chocobo outfits available for your Mii Fighters.

Cloud will be the fifth character DLC for Super Smash Bros., the previous characters were Ryu from Street Fighter, Roy from Fire Emblem, Lucas from Earthbound and Mewtwo from Pokemon. No details were revealed on the price tag for the Cloud DLC and when it will become available. Nintendo also noted that there will be a special Smash announcement on December.

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