Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary: What Square Enix Might Reveal

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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the monumental RPG franchise that shaped the genre into what it is today. Square Enix recently revealed that it has some ?plans? to commemorate the big milestone, but the developer is keeping it a secret for now. One of the revealed plans is an Escape Room based on Final Fantasy 14 in Japan next year, but there?s still more to expect from the developer. What else will we see for the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary celebration?

Release Dates

Square Enix has a few titles that are yet to have release dates. Both Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age are yet to receive their release dates. However, it?s been confirmed that the remaster of Final Fantasy 12 will launch sometime next year.

It?s likely that Square Enix will reveal the release dates for these titles during the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary. It?s a monumental event that would be fitting for the release date reveal of two anticipated titles.

Final Fantasy Dissidia Console Version?

Final Fantasy Dissidia is a fighting game featuring characters from nearly every game in the main series. The game has been released exclusively for the PSP several years ago, and it has had two installments for now. However, there?s an arcade version of the title in Japan. The arcade version features updated graphics which would surely be better on consoles. There would be no better way to celebrate the huge milestone than by releasing the fighting game featuring a ton of Final Fantasy icons on the current gen of consoles.

Other Possibilities

We can?t expect Square Enix to reveal Final Fantasy 16 just yet, considering that it recently launched Final Fantasy 15. We could, however, expect to see a spin-off title of epic proportions. Moreover, Final Fantasy 14 fans could expect a huge content update from the developer.

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