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Final Fantasy 16 Release: Chances Of Getting A New Mainline Game From Square Enix

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With the critical and commercial success of Final Fantasy 15, fans have wondered if this will lead to Final Fantasy 16. Each installment (or spinoff) from the RPG series always has fans excited, so it’s only natural that fans would be excited for the next one. Like all games, it seems like sales will be the main factor for a possible followup.

Square Enix Tweeted out the success of the game thus far, as Final Fantasy 15 has sold over 5 Million copies. That is fairly impressive, since this is the first week of it’s release. However, that might not be enough for the developers, who are hoping the game sells 10 Million copies by the end of the year.

Why No Final Fantasy 16?

A user on 4chan (via NeoGAF) previously leaked key plot details about Final Fantasy 15 six months before the game was officially released. Most of the information came out to be true. The leaker also said a Final Fantasy 16 game wouldn’t be developed at all if Final Fantasy 15 doesn’t sell well.

Sales Before Final Fantasy 16

According to Famitsu (via?Nova Crystallis), Final Fantasy 15 selling 10 Million copies is a personal goal for the team to consider the game a success. Apparently, they don’t need that much to make profit, but they do want to reach this number. They even want to outsell Final Fantasy 7, easily the best selling game of the entire series. It was so successful, it had numerous spinoffs and will even have an HD remake coming to PS4 soon.

Will Square Enix be able to reach this goal? 10 Million definitely seems possible, given the hot start it’s already in. Who knows, maybe Final Fantasy 15 will reach it’s goal before the year ends, which wouldn’t be a big shocker. After all, fans have been waiting for this game for a long time, back when it was still called Final Fantasy Versus 13.

The Final Fantasy?

Considering how many games in the series there are, it’s doubtful that the future Final Fantasy 16 won’t happen. However, the game did undersell in Japan. Apparently it?s one of the lowest selling games in the Final Fantasy series and has already been discounted in some stores, as can be seen in gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad’s??tweet.

This is very troubling and could delay any possible future installments. The game is also now on sale in Japan despite it being available for just a week, according to a fan. Normally, fans would expect any game in the series to sell like hotcakes. Early discounts are never a good thing for both developers and publishers.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. The game has received praise from critics and fans, aside from Conan O’Brian. Seems like a PC version is also on the way as well.

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