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Final Fantasy 16: What Fans Want

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Final Fantasy 16
Agni Could Be Starring Final Fantasy 16 [Screenshot Captured From Square Enix Tech Demo]

Despite releasing Final Fantasy 15 only last year, it looks like Square Enix could be working on the next major entry in the acclaimed RPG series already. While we’ve yet to see anything about the next entry, Square Enix’s latest hirings are enough to make many fans believe that Final Fantasy 16 is already well on it’s way.

Square Enix was recently discovered seeking developers for a “super-famous RPG series.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the “super-famous RPG series” statement refers to the Final Fantasy series. Fans believe that the developer is already working on Final Fantasy 16 but before developing the game, Square Enix should consider a few things first.

Female Protagonist

Out of all the mainline Final Fantasy games, there are only two main entries that have had lead female protagonists, Terra from Final Fantasy 6 and Lighting from Final Fantasy 13. A female protagonist could be a good change of pace for the game seeing as Final Fantasy 15 had an all male cast.

When it comes to who the female protagonist could be, fans are speculating that it could be Agni. To those unfamiliar, Agni was the star of two tech demos for Square Enix’s Luminous Engine: Agni’s Philosophy and WITCH – Chapter 0. Seeing as Square Enix has already established a good character in Agni, fans might love to see her and her magic star in Final Fantasy 16.

Amazing Open-World

Perhaps one of the best part Final Fantasy 15 was exploring the world of Eos. Players spent most of the game’s time exploring the vast open-world. Square Enix managed to make exploring around with party members fun in Final Fantasy 15 and many are hoping that the acclaimed developer will improve on this. With the bar it set through Eos, the world in Final Fantasy 16 needs to be more outstanding.

No Delays

Final Fantasy 15 was a game that took a decade in the development process. The game underwent major changes in a span of several years and while the final product was greatly appreciated, we’re sure that fans wouldn’t want to wait another decade for the next mainline entry. Final Fantasy 16 is believed to be in the early stages as of now and Square Enix will need to sort their plans to prevent the game from getting stuck in development limbo once again.

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