Final Fantasy 15: Will A Main Character Die Like Aerith In Final Fantasy 7?

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Final Fantasy 15

The Final Fantasy 15 ending (FFXV) will get your manly tears pouring, according to game director Hajime Tabata. In his interview with GameInformer, Tabata said Final Fantasy games deserves a strong ending and FFXV should definitely get it. According to Tabata, if a game in which he has spent hours should leave an emotional impact on players, it should make them cry. And, it looks like Square Enix is planning to give FFXV a moment inspired by Final Fantasy VII (FFVII).

While the plot twist of Final Fantasy VII is packed with powerful emotions, the sad moment of Aerith’s death is unforgettable and whenever Aerith’s theme plays, it makes people cry and makes them want to believe that she truly isn?t dead. This is one of the strongest moments of the game and it is possible that in Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix will do the same.

Why this can turn out to be true is because recently, Tabata discussed with GameInformer (via GameSpot) that Square Enix wants to leave a similar impact on players as their previous title Final Fantasy VII did in the ?90s. Tabata noted that some of the team members working on Final Fantasy 15 have worked for the FFVII and they have taken this challenge to meet the expectations of fans.

According to him, these key people are the real motivators and having them onboard is really helpful in setting high goals for the upcoming Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy VII shouldn?t be the only game in the franchise that leaves fans crying. It is possible that Square Enix will add some heart touching tracks in Final Fantasy 15? Is Square Enix planning to keep it a mystery? Or the main character will die in the new game just like the old one? It would be interesting to see what happens in the end.

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