Final Fantasy 15 VR Experience Release: What We Know So Far

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Almost two months after the base game?s initial release, gamers are still waiting for the Final Fantasy 15 VR Experience game. Since Square Enix announced the VR game at E3 2016, the developers have not talked about it again. With Final Fanatsy 15?being available for more than a month now,?players are now curios to know when the VR title would come out.?

Back in June, series director Hajime Tabata mentioned that they are indeed planning to add the VR experience in the game. He even shared that owners will have it for free as they are not planning to market it as a separate project. ?It really is something extra to be enjoyed by the people who purchased the game,? Tabata told GameSpot.

The director also stated that the VR experience will not come at the same time that the game will hit the stores. They are planning to release it as a DLC to give players something extra. ?It really is our core belief that we should satisfy the people who buy the game that we?ve made as much as possible,? he added.

However, gamers have not heard anything about the Final Fantasy 15 VR since then. In a post by Square Enix, they have mentioned a lot about their future free updates to the game. They shared a lot of ideas like adding gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13 and more playable characters. The team is also considering the possibility of customizable avatars, according to the post.

Also mentioned are the paid content such as the Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto, and Comrades multiplayer expansion. Square Enix has even released both free and paid versions of the?Holiday Pack?already.

These information from Square Enix will definitely excite the fans. But, something is missing. They have not mentioned anything about their plans on the VR experience since the game launched in November 29.

How about you? When do you think the?Final Fantasy 15 VR will be launched? Is an early 2017 release possible? Or, do you think it will come later this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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