Final Fantasy 15 Update: Cheating Issues Could Bring Forth Unwanted Changes

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Final Fantasy 15 Update
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Final Fantasy 15’s timed quest leaderboards on PS4 is currently plagued by cheaters who are hoarding the top ranks. Potentially, these cheating issues could bring some updates that could change Final Fantasy 15’s singleplayer feel. Square Enix may install a new system in a future Final Fantasy 15 update to police their game if they want to keep the competition fair for players.

Timed Quest Leaderboard Cheating

As of the new Timed Quest update in the last week of April, Square Enix introduced the Timed Quest leaderboards that dispenses out Quest Points. These points are used to buy unique weapons and large bundles of Gil, EXP, and AP. However, cheaters have used glitches to clear the Timed Quests at impossible times and scores which has frustrated the general fanbase.

Unwanted Changes To Stave Off Cheaters

Potentially, a banning system could be implemented in Final Fantasy 15 to ward off cheaters and discourage players from attempting to cheat their way for the Timed Quest rewards. A banning system makes sense to deal with the recent situation, but Final Fantasy 15 is a single-player game. Having a ban system in a single-player game is unusual and can ban innocent players if left unchecked. A policed situation will not look good for both its avid and casual fans.

Lastly, Square Enix might fix useful glitches as well as unintended overpowered abilities since the game now has a competitive outlet. These glitches could only hurt the game’s intended difficulty and battle system before the leaderboards was implemented. Square Enix will now have to double down on efforts to fix bugs to avoid competitive problems. For better or worse, removing these glitches will prevent fans from experiencing Final Fantasy 15’s unstable parts.

Signs of Fixes

Currently, Square Enix has yet to address the cheating issue in the Final Fantasy 15 leaderboards in the PS4 version. We’ve yet to confirm if they’ve noticed the issue but a frustrated and vocal fanbase would be hard to ignore if the issue still bugs them. Square Enix could just push out a fix to prevent these glitches and other cheating related issues to stop them from messing with the leaderboards.

Future Multiplayer Update

The Timed Quest leaderboards could be a precursor to the “Comrades” multiplayer Final Fantasy 15 DLC. Square Enix has confirmed that players can go missions with other players online. Plainly witnessing some sort of story in Comrades may not satisfy all of its fans as some of them might look for a tangible reward. Square Enix could try to entice its audience to play Comrades because there’s another reward for playing this game mode.

It’s possible that they’ve tried to use the leaderboards to give the fans a feel before Comrades releases. Square Enix has yet to reveal the full details of this game mode, and we’ve only seen its character creator feature. We’ve yet to see if it’ll really have a leaderboard to encourage players to do their best.

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