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Final Fantasy 15 Update: 60fps PS4 Pro Patch, New Difficulty Modes, And More Content Badly Needed This January

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Final Fantasy 15 Update

Square Enix has long announced that the Final Fantasy 15 update for the Moogle Chocobo Festival is going to happen this month. However, they still haven?t delivered on some features like the locked 60 frame per second patch for PS4 Pro, new difficulty mode, and other content in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the game?s upcoming content.

Moogle Chocobo Carnival

According to the Holiday Pack announcement, the Carnival Passport item is needed to access the Moogle Chocobo Carnival event this January. At first glance, the players are expected to attend a floating Moogle and Chocobo-themed carnival somewhere in Altissia. However, fans don?t know what will happen in the Carnival. Players may just plainly enjoy a carnival experience in Final Fantasy 15 or there may be an event where they?ll have to fight or defend the carnival from something. We?ll just have to wait for Square Enix to reveal the release date or just let the Final Fantasy 15 update for the carnival to surprise us.

No 60 FPS PS4 Pro Patch

Square Enix promised that a?Final Fantasy 15 update?coming in December 2016?will come with a?locked 60 fps experience for the PS4 Pro’s better hardware. If they’re unable to do so, they’ll settle with a 45-60 uncapped frame-rate. However, Square Enix still hasn?t delivered the patch. Frame rate is decent in the PS4 Pro’s?performance game mode, but some fans want to maximize their Pro hardware.?

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New Difficulty Modes

As of now, Final Fantasy 15 has released the New Game+ mode that allows players to start the game from the beginning, but with all of the items and stats they have accumulated. However, Final Fantasy 15?s difficulty doesn?t scale as the enemies are still at the same level. Maxed out players may just clear maps faster than usual and focus on the story again. However, just retelling the story without any new content and added difficulty is lacking for a New Game+ playthrough.

The God mode that Square Enix also promised before is still missing in the game, and it’s important that features like these come out soon as most players have already exhausted the game’s content. However, God mode could also be a disappointment for some as the game mode could simply be an easier difficulty level, which doesn’t help considering New Game+ already makes the game extremely easy.

However, the God Mode could actually be the ?extremely hard? difficulty that players are waiting for. Square Enix may have just worded it differently. We?ll have to wait and see if these promised Final Fantasy 15 updates will make it in this January update.

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