Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.09: All New Content Included In Upcoming Patch

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Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.09
Source: Afrosword Announcement Video Square Enix Final Fantasy 15

The upcoming Final Fantasy 15 update 1.09 is scheduled to be released this coming April 27. New features, event quests, and exclusive “luxury” items  will be released in this patch. Additionally, Square Enix will include a new weapon called the “Afrosword” which changes the BGM to a unique song when used in battle.

April 27 Update

Previously, a Japanese site confirmed the Final Fantasy 15 update 1.09 contents and its release date this April 27. The new update apparently brings frame-rate improvements, timed quest, and rewards for its players. The April 27 update doesn’t have any major DLC expansions.

New Timed Quest and “Luxury Rewards”

The new timed quest is confirmed to reward the player with some “Luxury” items. So far, only the new Afrojack-themed weapon, Afrosword, is confirmed to be the reward of the new timed quest. Previous timed quest only gave large experience points and Gil. The new Luxury rewards may make it interesting even for players who’ve already reached the level cap in Final Fantasy 15.


Square Enix and music artist Afrojack has confirmed the Final Fantasy 15 “Afrosword” weapon for Noctis. The Afrosword looks like a large DJ turntable attached to a sword hilt. The sword’s unique effect changes the BGM to one of Afrojack’s songs. We’ve yet to see if this weapon is actually reliable in battle or if it changes anything else other than the BGM.

Far From Other DLC Releases

The next paid expansion for Final Fantasy 15 is Episode Prompto which is set to launch sometime in June. Meanwhile, Square Enix hasn’t announced any information about the delayed free Booster Pack DLC which includes the Magitek Exosuit costumes.

Final Fantasy 15 doesn’t seem to have any major content release in May unless Square Enix announces one soon. We might get the next set of major Final Fantasy 15 announcements at E3 this June 2017.

Upcoming Major Content

Previously, Square Enix has promised at least a year of content support for Final Fantasy 15. Larger content like character episode DLCs and a character creation feature in the “Comrades” multiplayer mode has been confirmed for Final Fantasy 15. However, these major content don’t have any solid release dates yet. The developers may still have some plans to extend Final Fantasy 15’s content beyond its conclusion. Stay updated with more Final Fantasy 15 news here on The BitBag.

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