Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.08: 574 MB Patch Tweaks Alterna Magic

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Final Fantasy 15 update 1.08
Source: FINAL FANTASY XV: March Update Trailer video

Square Enix has just rolled out the Final Fantasy 15 update 1.08 which is just around 574 MB. The patch apparently fixes the Alterna spell, particularly when used on Ifrit. Meanwhile, players are currently using Alterna on every enemy they find even on post-game fights like Adamantoise.

Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.08

MemoriesMu’s thread on the Final Fantasy 15 subreddit discussed the recently added update 1.08. Reddit user vivec1991 found the official update 1.08 patch notes on the main site, which was apparently taken out along with the the update 1.07 and 1.06 patch notes. The update 1.08 patch notes only lists the Alterna fix particularly when used against Ifrit.

Alterna Spell

Alterna is one of the new Ring of the Lucii spells and allows the players to pull enemies to a large black hole. Enemies caught in this attack are instantly killed, which makes it handy for players to use. However, a long cast time is still needed to use this spell. Even though it seems bad to use Alterna on stronger foes, players found Alterna to be a good spell to kill high health monsters fast.

Alterna Exploit

As seen in Zanascu’s thread, players are showcasing that Alterna is actually an extreme problem solver against tough enemies like the MA-X Gospel, Adamantoise, and even Ifrit. Once the cast ends, players will just need sit back and relax as the large enemy gets sucked into a vortex. The spell is extremely broken as it can kill any extremely difficult enemies on the fly. Outside end-game field bosses, players can just repeatedly use this ability to clear every room of the hidden dungeons throughout Eos.

Final Fantasy 15 so far

Currently, fans have just received the Episode Gladiolus DLC. This character episode DLC is clearable in an hour and is fairly short. However, the gameplay mechanics change when using Gladiolus. Using Gladiolus also encourages players to use offensive and defensive tools as he doesn’t have a Warp Strike attack. Meanwhile, fans are still waiting for the free Booster Pack DLC’s release date.

The next paid DLC is Episode Prompto, which is scheduled to be released this June. The DLC will feature Prompto as the main playable character. As seen in the trailer, Prompto seems to have been separated from the main party. We’ll have to wait for more official announcements to know Square Enix’s future plans for Final Fantasy 15. Stay updated with more Final Fantasy 15 news here on TheBitBag.

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