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Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.03 Live On PS4 And Xbox One! New Content And What You Should Know

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Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.03

Recently, the Final Fantasy 15 update 1.03 rolled out on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update features the New Game+ option which allows players to restart the game and carry over their progress. Here?s what we know so far about the Final Fantasy 15 update 1.03.

Update 1.03

According to OnePumpChump?s thread on the Final Fantasy 15 Reddit, the new Final Fantasy 15 update 1.03 only lists three updates on its PlayStation 4 patch notes. The two updates are vague mentions of bug fixes and content additions, but the New Game+ addition saves it. The New Game+ feature is often found in many roleplaying games for players who want to replay the game again.

New Game+

In most games, the New Game+ feature allows players to replay the game with stronger items or replay the game with stronger enemies. Potentially, New Game+ may also yield some unique high-level equipment that can only be found in that mode. However, players who enter New Game+ may leave out the unclaimed rewards and loot in the unfinished quests and dungeons in the save file. It might be best to exhaust your save file?s content first before going into this game mode.

If the enemies do not scale in New Game+, it may turn out to be an easy playthrough as you can defeat every monster and just enjoy the game?s story. Players can just enjoy Final Fantasy 15 casually without fear of defeat as they?re already too strong to even be dealt significant damage in the game.

Update: It has been confirmed that enemy level doesn’t scale in level in new game plus. Majority of your items will also carry over. Aranea will also be present in your party during the game’s first few chapters if you’ve kept your buggy save file.?

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Holiday Pack

Other than the New Game+ Final Fantasy 15 update, the ‘frickin funny‘ Holiday pack will also be released this coming December 22. Players are promised to enjoy an event in early 2017 if they avail either of the free and paid versions of the Holiday DLC pack. According to Square Enix, the main party will be brought to a carnival area which is only available for a limited time.

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