Final Fantasy 15 Ultima Weapon: Requirements And Where To Get

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Final Fantasy XV

Yesterday, we put you on the path towards snagging one of Final Fantasy 15?s Ultima Weapons. If you took our advice and secured at least one rusted bit, you?re now ready to complete the rest of the steps required to upgrade Noctis? engine blade.

How To Get Noctis’ Ultima Weapon

You can officially begin the Engine Blade upgrade quests as soon as you meet Cid the mechanic in Hammerhead during Chapter 2. Once you talk to him, you should receive the ?Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic? quest line. There?s a whole lot of different quests in this collection, but for this discussion, we?re only concerned with the three Engine Blade ones.

To upgrade Noctis? Engine Blade to rank II, just hand over the rusted bit you have, thanks to our handy guide from yesterday. This will bump the weapon?s stats to? 39 attack, +3 Critical, +6 MP and +12 Magic.

For the second part of the quest in Final Fantasy 15, you?ll need to hunt down a Glass Gemstone for Cid. One can be found at end of the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon. It?s near the giant volcano in the west of Lucis,? so it shouldn?t be too hard to find. Once you hand the item over to Cid: you?ll receive Engine Blade rank III. Its stats are: 134 Attack, +3 critical, +25 MP and +18 magic.

Finally, the Ultima Blade. To get it, Cid requires a Sturdy Helixhorn. This item is a bit harder to find. Your best chances are via ?The Last Spiracorns? and ?Scrap it Now? hunts in Old Lestallum. Once you bag the final piece, the Ultima Blade is all yours. Here?s its stats: 208 attack, +3 critical, +40 MP and +30 magic.

Keep in mind that Cid requires a bit of time to upgrade your weapon, so you?ll have to complete some side quests/hunts to advance his progress.

That?s basically it! For more Final Fantasy 15?guides, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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