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Final Fantasy 15 Ultima Weapon: Get Fully Upgrade Engine Blade Before Chapter 4

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Final Fantasy 15 Ultima Weapon

In?Final Fantasy 15, the starting ?Engine Blade? weapon can eventually be upgraded to become one of the strongest non-Royal Arms weapons for Noctis. You can get this weapon as early as Chapter 3 if you have the right loot. Here?s a guide on how to get the Final Fantasy 15 Ultima Weapon.

Loots Needed

Cid has many ?A Better Weapon? quests but you just need to focus on the ?A Better Engine Blade? quests if you want to get the Final Fantasy 15 Ultima Weapon. To upgrade your Engine Blade to become the Ultima Weapon, you?ll need a Rusted Bit, Glass Gemstone and a Sturdy Helixhorn to craft the Ultima Weapon.

The Rusted Bit can be looted from the blue shines on the ground near Hammerhead so make sure you avoid selling all of your junk items. Meanwhile, the Glass Gemstones can be found near Lestallum or Old Lestallum as a blue shine loot on the ground too. Lastly, the Sturdy Helixhorn can be broken off Lv 20 Duplicorns in the ?The Last Spiracorns? hunting quest in Old Lestallum. To break a Sturdy Helixhorn off a Duplicorn, opt to aim your camera at the Duplicorn?s head and keep on warp-striking until it breaks.

Cid?s mindset

Once you?ve given him the loot, he?ll need some time to craft the weapon. You have to actually pass the time through clearing other quests and sleeping to progress his crafting. If you?ve forgotten about your weapon upgrade quests, Cid will talk like a regular old man if he isn?t working on a weapon. However, he?ll be excited and inform you about ?waiting for power? if he is working on one. Cid will call you once he?s done crafting the weapon. Repeating hunting quests to wait out the Final Fantasy 15 Ultima Weapon also works if you want to get the Ultima weapon as soon as possible.

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Ultima Blade

The Final Fantasy 15 Ultima Weapon is actually called ?Ultima Blade? and is only limited to Noctis. It?s one of the end-game weapons due to its high attack rating for a non-Royal Arms weapon. In boss battles or regular fights, you can rely on the Ultima Blade if the health penalties of Royal Arms prove too tedious for the current fight. The Ultima Blade still keeps its ability to absorb a little bit of magic energy for your Elemancy per enemy kill despite changing names. However, this weapon is only limited to Noctis so you can?t use it to buff any of your party members.

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