Final Fantasy 15 Trailer: See How Noctis And Stella Are Molded By Their Experiences, Presents A Strong Female Lead

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Excited after all the great Japanese role playing game announcements from Tokyo Game Show 2015? Square Enix isn?t passing on the chance to showcase their popular game as the company released a new Final Fantasy 15 trailer. The ?Final Fantasy 15 Dawn 2.0? trailer shows us more of what happened to Noctis and Luna 15 years ago and how the events molded them into who they are today.

While there is no dialogue in the trailer, the clip implies that both Noctis and Luna are recollecting on the tragic events that happened to them. The trailer shows Luna remembering the time when she lying on the ground, afraid, as an armored soldier assaulted her. Now, Luna is a brave woman who shrugs-off the soldiers? weapons despite her being held from gunpoint. Meanwhile, we don?t see much from Noctis aside from knowing that he probably remembers what his father has done before.

Relationship Between Noctis And Stella

According to a report by Gamespot, both characters will be romantically involved and they will influence each other. Their romance will not be a typical love story, the report said.

The new FF15 Dawn 2.0 trailer shows that Luna is a brave character. The question is, will she be just another damsel in distress?

The character, Stella, was originally set to be the female star of FF15. Many fans were looking forward on seeing the character as she was shown to be rivalling and even capable of fighting against Noctis. Many were distressed after it was announced that Luna will be replacing the character in order to better fit the events of the story.



According to Dualshockers, Game Director Hajime Tabata said Luna will be a stronger and more determined character than Stella. ?Luna will be presented as a very strong-willed character: she talks to people about her hopes and dreams and she acts on her own initiative, really playing a big part in the story,? Dualshockers reported.

Final Fantasy 15 will have a simultaneous worldwide release sometime in 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. For more about the game, you can check the driving exploration features of FF15 here.

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