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Final Fantasy 15: Top 3 Things To Do When Playing The Game

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Final Fantasy 15

After years of waiting, Square Enix finally launched the next entry in the Final Fantasy series. This time, players will take on the role of Noctis, prince of Lucis. The game is bringing a lot of amazing features fit for today?s consoles, but at its core, Final Fantasy 15 is still a JRPG. There are a lot of basic things that players should know about before jumping into an RPG made by Square Enix, and we?ve got everyone covered.


As with any Final Fantasy party, Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis will always need to be at their best. Players will need to grind for EXP and money so that no enemy is overpowered. Grinding early on in the game will also be useful as there might be a ton of powerful optional bosses near the end of the game.

Talk To Everyone

Eos will definitely hold a lot of secrets. To get to these secrets, players will need to talk to everyone they come across with. Some of the NPCs scattered all throughout the game will often give players something to do. Some will initiate quests, while some will hold deeper secrets. Talking to NPCs is also a good way to catch up with the main story in case the player gets lost.

Search Every Corner

Final Fantasy 15 offers players the chance to explore the biggest world map for any Final Fantasy game. Eos is also an open-world in which players can explore nearly every nook and cranny on foot, on a Chocobo or on the Regalia. This means that there will be a ton of secrets in the areas in the game. It?s best to thoroughly inspect a dungeon before leaving it so that there are no stones unturned.

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