Final Fantasy 15 Timed Quest: Midgardsormr And Hvitromr Guide

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Final Fantasy 15 Timed Quest
Source: Final Fantasy 15 in-game screenshot

Recently, the Final Fantasy 15 timed quest has changed which will last for a week. This timed quest pits the player against the high-level giant snake monsters. Finishing this quest nets players large rewards per clear which makes it worth to farm.


According to Zansacu’s thread on the Final Fantasy 15 subreddit, the thread starter to new timed quest. The targets in this timed quest are three level 54 Midgardsormr and two level 78 Hvitromr. Players will need to take down these large snakes to get the reward.


Successfully clearing this Final Fantasy 15 timed quest will give them 20,000 EXP, 500 AP, and 777,777 Gil, and 5 Oracle Ascension Coins. The large EXP, AP, and Gil rewards from this mission will be enough to boost players to get to the high level content fast. The EXP will be good to boost a player’s stats up to 99. Meanwhile, the large AP reward will be good for unlocking nodes in the skill tree. Lastly, the large Gil reward is good to sustain any player’s healing item needs, buying better battle and fishing equipment, and other Gil expenditures. Players should grind this timed quest if they want  to have many resources later in the game.

Effective Clearing

Due to its rewards, players may want to clear this mission as many times as possible. However, not all players have maximum level and equipment to clear these giant snakes in seconds. The snakes are apparently weak to Swords, Daggers, and Ice. Noctis equipped with a good dagger like the Zwill Crossblades should be enough to take them down. If not available, opt to go for the best dagger weapon and ice spells in your arsenal and chop away.

If you’re level is still not enough to kill these snakes fast, opt to set a restorative techniques like Ignis’ Regroup to survive as long as you can.  Players who are nowhere near the level 54 range may have to earn EXP from other quests and fights first before aiming to clear this timed quest.

Final Fantasy 15 so far

Currently, the nearest Final Fantasy 15 new content release will be Episode Gladiolus this March 28. This character episode DLC will feature Gladiolus as the main playable character. Players will also have an encounter with one of Final Fantasy’s Gilgamesh. Stay updated with more Final Fantasy 15 news here on TheBitBag.

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