Final Fantasy 15 Summon: How To Get Titan, Ramuh, Ifrit, And All Astrals

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Despite being a major departure from previous installments, there is still plenty of familiarity in Final Fantasy 15. Players can ride Chocobos, play mini-games and summon magical beings that do a ton of damage. These summons are called Astrals in this installment, and there are six of them, most of whom will be familiar to old-school fans. Sadly, two of these summons are just difficult boss fights.

Thanks to the amount of delays, these summons are the best-looking versions fans will ever see, at least until the next official follow-up. Considering how important these guys are in battle, players will probably want them as soon as possible. That’s what this guide is for.

Gone Astral

Here are the list of summons in Final Fantasy 15 and when the player gets them in the game, courtesy of?Reddit user VascoDiVodca.

  • Titan (End of Chapter 4)
  • Ramuh (End of Chapter 5)
  • Leviathan (End of Chapter 9)
  • Shiva (End of Chapter 12)
  • Bahamut (End of Chapter 14, only used in boss battle)
  • Carbuncle (Finish the Platinum Demo then download him for summoning)

In addition to these Astrals, here are the two that can only be fought but never summoned.

  • Bahamut
  • Ifrit

Old-school Final Fantasy fans will probably be disappointed that these two are strictly bosses. That being said, the game is trying a lot of different things. Having these two as tough bosses is a fairly interesting move, to say the least.

Astral Pain

Summons in Final Fantasy 15 are very different from previous games. Instead of summoning them in a menu, they can only be brought up when certain conditions are met. Leviathan can only appear when there is water nearby and if Noctis has taken a ton of damage, for example.

While they might be a pain to summon, the payoff is worth it. They can do a ton of damage to the opponent or heal players when they really need it. Overall, they are very useful and should never be underestimated.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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