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Final Fantasy 15 To Have Special Connect Features With Brave Exvius Mobile Game?

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Final Fantasy 15

While fans patiently wait for Final Fantasy 15 this September, Square Enix has decided to release an appetizer in the form of a free-to-play mobile game called Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Since Final Fantasy 15 will be out later this year, one has to wonder if Brave Exvius will have any special features connected to the console RPG.

It?s definitely not unheard of for a mobile game to have special connection features to its console counterparts. Fans who downloaded the mobile version of Injustice could unlock some special costumes for the characters in the console version of the fighting game. Square Enix has not confirmed any of this, but we are quite a few months away from the release of Final Fantasy 15, so we can expect a possible announcement then.

Brave Exvius may or may not have connections to the upcoming current-gen console epic, but it is a better game than Record Keeper. Sure, it has the usual free-to-play elements that might turn off some gamers, like an energy bar that gets used up after going on quests, but it does have its own story and does not just feel like a fan service mobile game.

Like Record Keeper before it, Brave Exvius has 2D sprites and turn-based combat, according to Kotaku. Exvius has much better graphics, to be honest, as the character models actually look distinct and aren?t just small, cute versions of the characters fans know and love. The fact that the game has original characters is also a plus.

Currently, it seems like the mobile game has no connection to Final Fantasy 15 whatsoever. It?s definitely not in the same world as the one that will be in current-gen consoles, though it does have the signature Final Fantasy victory theme that plays at the end of every battle..

Final Fantasy 15 will be available on September 30 for the PS4 and Xbox One. There will also be a VR game set in the same universe and featuring the same characters, though it looks like a simplistic light-gun game ala Time Crisis. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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