Final Fantasy 15: Second Half Too Linear? Jumpscares, Stealth Segments, And Key-Card Puzzles Near The End

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Final Fantasy 15

Later this month, Final Fantasy 15 will be released internationally. However, it?s long been confirmed that its?first half will be an open-world experience and its second half will be linear. However, recent updates confirmed more flawed details about the latter half of?Final Fantasy 15. Here?s what we know so far about about the game’s?second half.

EDGE on Final Fantasy 15

On?NeoGAF, game insights were revealed from an EDGE magazine author?s article about their 40-hour playthrough of Final Fantasy 15. These were the excerpts that were said to be lifted from the article

  • ?????????That director Hajime Tabata has managed to build any sense of cohesion within these stifling constraints is extraordinary.?
  • ?????????Allow yourself to yield to the wild eccentricity and FFXV can offer that rarest of blockbuster experiences: originality?
  • ?????????The elevation of supporting characters is designed to appeal to fans but it?s been done at the expense of a strong plot.?
  • ?????????In many of its fragments of ideas and mechanics, FFXV shines, But by its stentorian conclusion, its difficult to shake a feeling of confusion.?
  • ?????????Full of hope ambition and no shortage of things to see and do? Like a folly extended by successive architects, it?s a peculiar artifact that can?t escape its past.?

Potentially, Final Fantasy 15?s issues in its development progress might be easy to see in the upcoming game.

Second Half Details

The ?genre leap? of the first half to the second half of the game were also mentioned. Players will definitely feel the game?s shift from open-world experience to playing in “cramped corridors” in the latter part of the game. The latter stealth missions have also been confirmed to be delivered in “horror style”, having “jumpscares, ?a disembodied Joker-like voiceover, and Resident Evil-style key card puzzles”. Players will have to use save points to go ?back in time? and clear sidequests only accessible during that point of time.

According to a Famitsu article translated by Siliconera?back in August, director Hajime Tabata has confirmed that the first half is an open-world and the second half is a linear game. Potentially, we may still have hope as Tabata hasn?t mentioned if this means that the first seven and a half chapters will be open world and if the remaining ones will be linear or not.


Additionally, Koozek?s thread on NeoGAF also shows what the article?s author Simon Parkin said about Final Fantasy 15. The game?s open world is said to be ?very much open,? and then there will be a ?Train section? before the game?s linear parts. However, Parkin said they didn?t play on the final build of the game, so there could be missing content.

Potentially, Square Enix may have more content ready in the full build of the game. Final Fantasy 15 will be released this November 29 and we?ll see how the ?open world to linear? experience turns out. Stay updated with more?

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